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Hi, we are the desktop version of quickbooks, and when generating payslips it creates Other. So we have holiday pay, personal leave and then Other 1 and Other 2. Anyone know how to delete Other or clear it? I have tried resetting the options daily and it still makes up random numbers. Thank you


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    Hi Sarah

    The likelihood is that somebody, at some stage, has set up Leave items using Other 1 and Other 2.  Unfortunately, once a Payroll Item has been categorised with any Leave Type, Reckon does not allow it to be edited.  Instead, you need to stop using such a Payroll item and create a new one, using the correct leave type.

    Is it possible that one of the "Other" has been set up to calculate Long Service Leave?

    How do you find out where the problem is?  You will need to look at the employee record for each employee as follows:

    1.  Open up the employee record
    2.  At the top of the record, where it says Change Tabs, select Payroll and Compensation Info
    3.. On the right hand side, click on the tab Leave Details
    4.  You will then find four tabs across the top of the pageOne will likely be called Holiday Pay, another will likely by called Personal Leave and the other two will be called Other 1 and Other 2.
    5.  Click on each of those two "Other" tabs and eventually you are likely going to find employees where an accrual rate has been set up for those Leave Types.  Then do what you have to do with them to either stop using them or find out what they were set up for originally.
    Note:  You can change the names of Other 1 and Other 2 to something more descriptive, if you need to use them, by going to:
    Edit> Preferences> Payroll & Employees> Company Preferences.  Then you will see Other 1 and Other 2, more than likely without any name having been attributed to them.
    John L G
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