monthly instalment payment allocated to incorrect creditor how do i rectify

Elisha Shadwick ManionElisha Shadwick Manion Member Posts: 8
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I have just noticed a transaction that I posted in March 2017 has been incorrectly allocated to Creditor Macquarie Funding and should have been allocated to Flexirent. Both of these creditor invoices are annual invoices, with monthly repayments. I entered both annual invoices in Supplier Centre and when the instalments are made, then allocate payment.   Why I did not notice before I cannot say, as the amounts are not the same!
I cannot merely change the supplier name on the cheque as I cannot modify supplier name in a bill payment cheque and I cannot do a journal.  If I cancel the bill pmt cheque and reissue this will then of course interfere with my bank reconciliation.
Would you kindly advise the simplest way I can rectify my error please?
Thanking you in advance for your help, Anne

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