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Tania RichardsTania Richards Member Posts: 9
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1. When sending invoices via email the program crashes.  When I log in again I can send it but then it crashes on the next one.  2. When printing invoices we always print two copies but even though it says two it only prints one.  3. I can't highlight text with my mouse.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,906 Administrator
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    Hi Tania,

    1. Does this occur on any and all invoices that you try and email? When you say the program crashes, what actually happens? ie. does it freeze, close the browser window etc. Which browser are you using? Do the same issues occur when you try using a different browser?

    2. The Hosted dev guys are looking into a couple of reports of that, in the interim can you please try changing the number of print copies via the Chrome print window - screenshot example below (assuming you're using Chrome)


    3. I haven't heard or seen this occurring as yet and can't seem to replicate it either. Is highlighting not working at all in any field at all or selected?
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