System Update Scheduled for Accounts Hosted Overnight (30 January)

John Graetz
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Good morning Rav.  I note that the overnight rollback of Hosted seems to have been successfully carried out, based on an initial assessment.  However, I note that there is no notification provided on the website, after login, that this has happened.  Are you still in the process of doing this?  If not, I suggest to you that the Community is going to go into meltdown this morning (it might do so anyhow).
It was a pretty brave decision to rollback and I recognise the reason for so doing.  I hope that the team has quick success in resolving the various issues which caused this dramatic event to take place..
John L G


  • Toni_9025747
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    Morning John
    What do you mean by rollback?  I haven't seen any notification of this or what might happen
  • Rav
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    Still in the works John, watch this space.
  • John Graetz
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    Thanks Rav - I have received the Community notification at 7:31 this morning, so by now everybody should be aware.  All the best for today!!
    John L G
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