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Is it possible to generate a report for a supplier which shows the original invoice amount and credit applied? I have a major supplier who has requested that not only we send a remittance but also original value, any credit allocated and paid amount?


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    Hi GJB

    If you apply the supplier credit in the same transaction as recording the "Pay Bill" payment, the Credit will actually be listed on the Remittance.

    Alternatively, you can generate & tweak the Supplier Balance Detail report (under Reports > Suppliers & Payables):

    • In the Supplier Balance Detail report, click on "Modify Report"
    • On the Display tab, click on "Advanced" & select the "Gross" tax basis option, then "OK"
    • Select/enter the date range of the bills paid/credits allocated.  You can also add/remove columns in the "Columns" list, according to the data you want displayed (eg Debit, Credit etc)
    • On the Filters tab, select Name & enter/select the applicable Supplier
    • To list Bills & Credits only (without Bill Payments - as per a Remittance Advice), select Transaction Type then Multiple Transaction Types in the dropdown list.  Tick Bill & Bill Credit, then click "OK"
    • On the Header/Footer tab if preferred, you can enter a more specific title (in the "Report Title" field)
    • Lastly once you've customised the report to exactly what you want, Click on "Memorise" to save it for future re-use when all you will need to do is change the date range for the applicable bill/credit transactions :)

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