Creating invoice using a barcode on reckon hosted

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Hi There,
I am looking at using a barcode scanner to enter product information and quantity to create clients invoicing.
Basically I would put on a barcode information such as item code and quantity and I would like to flash the barcode and it populates the invoice automatically.
Is this doable ? If yes, where can I find the specifications for the barcode ?


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    I don't know about how you could enter the qty and the item code automatically but the 3of9 barcode font seems to work but when printing the barcodes however you will need to enter an asterisk * before and after the code. You can export the item list, open in excel and copy and paste each row with an asterisk in column A , then assuming the item number is in column D enter the following equation in row 2 of a spare column (make sure it's formatted as general with the barcode font) =A2&D2&A2. Then copy and paste this formula for every row in the new column.This new column should now contain all your scannable barcode data for item codes.

    I've been able to scan barcodes in this way but not for printing a barcode of the transaction number (eg invoice number) Which would be handy for finding a transaction if someone wants to return the items they've purchased.

    Trust this helps.

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