It appears I can't import my banking .qif or .qbo data files into reckon WITHOUT providing all my p

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I can't import my bank data files.

I'm using Reckon Accounts Premier Contractor Edition 2014 offline on a desktop computer.   I am trying to save data entry time by importing my data from my bank accounts into Reckon.  

I have easy access to all the data files downloaded and available on my desktop in QIF, QBO and CSV formats if required.   None of them will work and my research indicates that it is because I haven't entered all my online banking details and given them to Reckon. 

This seems a major intrusion and security risk that Reckon seems to be forcing me to provide all my personal banking details in order to simply import data.  Having been a victim of cyber and identity fraud in the past I don't want all my actual banking account numbers and details in my Reckon accounting files as I keep it all separate - both for privacy and security reasons.

Do I have to provide all my banking details to Reckon to use the import function with a simple data import?

If so, why?

Or am I misunderstanding how to use what should be a most basic import function?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide to clarify this for me.


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    Hello Peter,

    Thanks for asking.

    Importing your bank transactions through QIF formatted files you create on your bank website is a fairly straightforward process and does not require any interact with Reckon.

    When creating your export file, make sure it is a QIF file, and if your bank offers more than one QIF format, select the AUS Quicken option, or choose the date format as dd/mm/yyyy.

    In your company file go to Banking > Import Bank Statements and follow the prompts to select your imported file and assign to a bank ledger account.

    Only if you wish to utilise the automated bank transaction update through BankData (a paid service) will you be required to submit a bank authority form for approval, or where your connection needs to be done through our alternative channel provided by Yodlee Inc, provide your bank online credentials to them to access your accounts daily.  


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    Thankyou John.

    My Westpac Ignite card offers QIF (which is one that didn't work when I have tried it earlier) / QIF abbreviated / QIF for Mac and QIF abbreviated for Mac. I was choosing the date format you describe but there is another DD/MM/CCYY.   I have no idea if the CC reference might help?

    The other problem I'm finding is that at the point of importing, I am supposed to select my account in reckons dropdown list - but it isn't showing up to select.

    Kind regards

  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,283 ✭✭
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    Thanks Peter,

    You may have to click on the Use an existing Reckon Account option to unlock the account options to select.



  • PeterPeter Member Posts: 12
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    Thanks again John,
    I found I had to go into my Chart of accounts,
    Right click on the account I want to import to and select 'Edit account'
    Then select the Online Bank Details tab
    Tick the online account access
    and then enter banking info (which is what I didn't want to do)
    But I found I could enter minimal details in there and it worked
    Once done, this results in a lightning bolt showing up next to this account in the Chart of Accounts.
    It has all worked reasonably well from there.
    Thank you for your responses and assistance.
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