Reckon accounts enterprise

BernBern Member Posts: 1
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Looking to see if we continue with Reckon accounts enterprise desktop edition as our renewal is almost due. 

Dont really want to change, but there havent really been any upgrades for a few years now. Minor patches at best, seems hard to justify the big dollars when nothing is being delivered.

A new version is due shortly i guess, does anyone have any idea if thee will be anything worthwhile in it ? The idea of tax tables updates and not much else is starting to wear thin.


  • Malcolm McMasterMalcolm McMaster Member Posts: 17
    edited May 2018
    Agree with everything you have said. The worst part is if ever you need any form of support, it just doesn't happen. Unfortunately, I'm stuck with the product but otherwise would happily jump ship to MYOB.
  • KerriKerri Member Posts: 36
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    I agree about the price but I have used the others and Reckon Accounts is far the best user friendly one. It takes three times or more in other software when I have to find and correct errors. I hope they lower the price soon so more people can stay. 

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