Error Code 6787 - latest upgrade wont let me backup

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Renewed a few weeks ago and keep getting Error 6787 when I try to backup, and then Reckon crashes.
I have sent the error code to Reckon three times via the in-program reporting, but have heard nothing!
Not backing up for over a month doesnt instill confidence in the program or Reckon Support.
Last report number was 227507002


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,792 Administrator
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    Hi Nevan,

    Have there been any changes to your system environment since the last time you were able to back up successfully? ie. OS updates, antivirus updates etc

    You mentioned that you renewed a few weeks ago, has this issue started since the new install or some time after?

    How long is your file name? If it has a longer file name, I'd recommend renaming it to less than 8 characters and see if that eliminates this error.
  • Nevan PavlinovichNevan Pavlinovich Member Posts: 3
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    Rav - there is no provision in your program to change the name of the backup name, except to add the date.
    It has worked for 10 years.
    It stopped working when I installed the last license key. Nothing else has changed with the PC. I am certain that I am not the only person on the planet having this issue.
    Now, please tell me WHAT the error code stands for.
    Please send this issue up to Senior Support and put a Priority on it.
    ... Nevan
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  • ShisirShisir Reckon Staff Posts: 257
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    Hi Nevan

    The backup issue you are having is most likely due to the long file name. It is true that you cannot select the name for the backup file because it picks the name from the actual data file.

    So if your data file name is 'MyFilename.QDF' the backup file will be called 'MyFilename.rkn'

    And if you have the preference to 'add the date to the file name' enabled when backing up the file, the program will add the date to the backup file and now it will be called as, 'MyFilename_20180305.rkn'.

    Hence, can you please rename your actual data file to shorter name preferably up to 10 characters, following this KB instruction and try to backup again?

    Please let us know how it goes.


  • Nevan PavlinovichNevan Pavlinovich Member Posts: 3
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    That fixed the problem.
    Please thank IT for taking us back to the days of DOS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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