PC's read Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition R2 and new laptop R1

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Help...My laptop shows a different version of Reckon Premier than our PC's? PC's read Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition R2 and my new laptop reads Premier Edition 2017!  Backups via the laptop state that not all data can be backed up, randomly shuts down numerous times a day on PC's and the laptop and we have tried to re-install the program numerous times but still have the same problems.  Does anyone else have problems like this or know how to help.


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    we think we had this issue at work with the 2016 edition, but with our PC's. My computer was running Premier, and the others were running M&W. I have a word doc I did up to follow step by step, but the pics haven't copied through below. If the below doesnt help you, I can email the doc to you.
    1. Installs as Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2016

    1.  Press & hold down ‘Windows’ key and then press ‘R’ key. This will bring up the Run function 

    2. Type in regedit and click on OK. This will open the Registry Editor.

    3. Double click on the ‘HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE’ folder.   

    4. Double click on the ‘SOFTWARE’ folder.

    5.  Double click on the ‘WOW6432Node’ folder  

    6.  Double click on the ‘Intuit’ folder

    7.  Double click on the ‘QuickBooksRegistration’ folder 

    8.  Double click on the ’25.0’ folder  

    9.  Single Click on the ’bel’ folder

    10.  On the right, double click on ‘ActivatedProduct’.

    11. Change the Value data: to belwholesale

    12.  Click on OK.

    13.  Open ‘Reckon Accounts Enterprise 2016’ and it should open as ‘Reckon Accounts Enterprise – Manufacturing and Wholesale Edition 2016’
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    Thank you Patrick for your assistance.  We have fixed the naming problem above.
    We still have other problems running the backups but this seems to be a Windows 10 issue.  Nearly ready to give up on Reckon unfortunately as I have been with them for 14 years but the subscription is getting really expensive and the updates are a total pain in the system.  Sorry for the vent, thank you again for your help, It's appreciated.
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    We possibly have the same issue, many things that take thinking time eg used to show a % progression, now say it is "not repsonding" then suddenly it is complete??? I also have to do a work around to be able to send emails from quickbooks. I can completely understand your frustration as well, we have so many complaints and issues and they still keep blaming windows 10, but it appears that they aren't really listening to us-the customers!! maybe when we all leave to use another program they may look back and wish they had??
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