RECKON HOSTED - Why doesn’t the Leave Used field in the Employee Record update anymore?

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Hi all,

I have spoken with the reckon tech team regarding my 'holiday leave used' field not updating in the employee leave details screen.

They have tested everything and have found no solution but to update leave used manually for every employee after every each pay.... 

They then showed me the below document (dated 2016).

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Why doesn’t the Leave Used field in the Employee Record update anymore?


Update the Leave used manually after leave has been taken


The Issue

After 2 pays the Leave Used field does not update. 

Reckon apologises for the inconvenience this problem is causing.

This problem affects only the Leave Used field; all other reporting of leave taken – Payslips, Reports – show the leave taken correctly.



Update the Leave Used field manually after leave is taken.


How to verify the amount of leave taken

  1. Reports> Employees and Payroll > Leave Accrual Summary

  2. Set Dates to This Payroll Year

  3. View the Personal/Holiday/Other1/Other2 Used column for leave hours used this financial year


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Submitted: 4/05/2016Modified: 5/05/2016

Firstly how is manually updating the annual leave used field for every employee after each pay Reckon's solution??  It is a work around but not a solution

Has anybody else experienced this?

Finally, will this be fixed soon?  the above post was dated in 2016 however we didn't experience this problem until Jan 2018.  We have 70 plus employees and pay fortnightly so doing this all manually is not exactly ideal.  Not to mention that its risky to mess around with employee balances and it should just work!

Any help would be appreciated.



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