Annual Leave Conflicting Tables

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A staff persons annual leave and personal leave is reading correctly. If I create a new payroll and/or look in employees payroll information the information is correct however if I look at a past processed paycheque the information or a payslip the information is conflicting.


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    I just had the same thing with a client. I looked at the staff members annual leave accrual summary and could see each week accrual and deduction when taken. A number of times the annual taken actually partly added to the balance instead of deducting. They had turned off accrual in error for a number of pays and they had a virus attack so I put it down to that. I thought the payroll item was corrupt but another person's seemed fine. I couldn't explain it. 
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    Hello Kim,

    Welcome to the Reckon Community.

    Could you provide a little more information on the nature of the issue, like:
    What information is conflicting? 
    Are you able to provide screenshots of the two sources? 
    In what year did you start processing payroll in this company file?

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