PP 2017/18 - Unable to backup file... network path pp.tps not found

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we are using PP 2017/18 for our business. data file on server and software on win7 pc. last payrun we had a weird error where for some reason super was calculated twice. so we manually fixed it. today when we tried to process payroll the file will not open as error message said" not a valid pp file or corrupted". so i restored from backup.

the file did open. so i though perhaps better to rebuild file. but for that it first backsup file, and then after finishing backup gives error " path ....\ver26\pp.tps not found" and then says fatal error and disk error.

i have seaqrched help but can't find anything to help there.

can somebody please advise how to fix this issue because I dont want to end up with an unuseable payroll file !!!

We are now planning to move payroll to reckon accounts 2018 from july 1 but need this to keep working till then.


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    Welcome to the Reckon Community Rajeev.

    Is your setup in line with this guide for running a Payroll Premier company file on a server and the application from a PC?

    Hope this helps.

  • Rajeev DixitRajeev Dixit Member Posts: 8
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    Hi Thanks for this. We actually have a multiuser version due to us being PP.

    So we have been using this same file structure (which is mentioned in the article) except we use the option to setup network path.

    this file has been working for many years fine and suddenly has given us this error.

    so any other ideas ??

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    Thanks Rajeev,

    PP.tps should be located in C:\QPRollV26\Data on each local PC accessing the datafile.  It has something to do with registration of your programme.  Can you open the file from another PC?

    Ultimately to fix the problem on this PC you'll need to clean uninstall the programme from this PC and reinstall, register it again and then access the datafile from the network path.  

    these additional guides may be helpful 
    setup:  this guide for multi-user
    upgrades:  this guide for multi-user upgrades

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