Best time to Upgrade to Accounts 2018?

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Has anyone already upgraded to Accounts 2018R1, and if so were there any problems? Im trying to decide the best time to upgrade, as we have Point of Sale, we need to do both together.Thanks for any advice


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    I updated our about 2 weeks ago, bot QBokks and POS. Had no problems and have found QBooks reports which had a lot of issues much smoother and reliable than previous versions. I did plan the update better this time as I had a new computer to add into the mix. Don’t forget to copy and save any of the customised letters you have created as these tend to get lost in the changeover, the same goes if you have customised any labels in POS Admin. I just saved them all to a USB then copied them over. I also loved the fact that I could copy the keyboard layouts on POS rather than having to set them all up again. Any questions, just give me a shout out and I’ll see if I can help. All in all, I’m glad I did it. We run 2 towers with POS and Quickbooks along with 2 laptops with Quickbooks all networked. Cheers Di
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    Thanks Di. Did you upgrade from Reckon Accounts Premier 2017 ? I thought those issues with losing your letter templates were only when upgrading from older versions, e.g. 2012, 2013 . thanks for the tips for POS custom buttons, I'll check if we have any. Do you run payroll ? Leshelle
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    Hi Leshelle, Yes, our upgrade was from Premier 2027. Yes, I run payroll. The emailing of payslips is much better since upgrading to 2018. The upgrade this time around was the best experience we have had, normally I dread it so was pleasantly surprised when it went as smooth as it did. Still had to do the usual things like resetting the printer to each report, invoice, sale docket etc, but those minor irritations were rewarded with a smoother running network and enhanced performance across the network. Di
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