Salary Sacrifice V Gross Payroll

PaulaPaula Member Posts: 8
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I am new to Hosted Payroll and I am setting up Salary Sacrifice for our Employees.  I have set the Tax tracking to gross yet I'm still having problems basic one today
  • 51.3 hours @ $33.50 less $75 SS should have a gross of $1643.55 
  • Mine calculations are showing a gross of $1725.25
  • I have the SS as a "other payroll item"
This is starting to drive me crazy, any ideas



  • John GibsonJohn Gibson Member Posts: 47
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    Set Tax Tracking type to 'None' - you do not want the SS to appear in the Gross Wages area
  • KerriKerri Member Posts: 36
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    You set it up if super as a contribution but you have to choose Gross wages and tick PAYG for SS to work. Ring me on 0408968862 if any questions.

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