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I want to do a report showing total annual leave hours taken by an employee from start date.

I use Reckon Accounts Premier 2018 edition. Can anyone help me?

Thank you


  • AshuAshu Member Posts: 15
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    Hi. Where can I find this report in Accounts Business Range?  I am using Reckon Accounts Premier 2018
  • John GibsonJohn Gibson Member Posts: 47
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    There are a few that I use is under Reports, Employees & Payroll, choose Payroll Detail Review, get on screen. Choose ALL transactions. Filter to specified employee or employees, also go to Modify Report, and in the Columns tick / select Qty (best) or Hours Worked. You can also filter this so only the specific Payroll Items show (eg Holiday Hourly only) by deselecting the other payroll items.
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    You can run the payroll item details report, select the period filters required, then modify the report, click on the filters tab,  select multiple payroll items, the payroll fields available will then be displayed, scroll down the list and apply a tick to all those you wish to include in your report. Hope this clear enough for yot to follow.

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    Hi, A really quick way of doing this is to go into Reports, then choose Employees & Payroll, click on Leave Accrual Summary.  This report will show all Holiday Leave taken for each employee for the payroll year, you can change the dates.  Double click on the employee you need to run the report and it will show you in detail hours taken and dates.  I hope this helps.
  • Simpson BuildersSimpson Builders Member Posts: 4
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    Thank you so much everyone

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