Moving Payroll Premier to new computer

Scott RowlandScott Rowland Member Posts: 2
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Hi all,

having received the 2018/2019 upgrade recently the business would like to move the software to a different computer at the same time.
What is the process for moving the software?

Does it need to be unregistered, or uninstalled form the existing computer?
Do I need to run the upgrade first on the existing install before opening the data on the new computer or can I simply install the new version on the new computer and open the existing data and it will convert it all then and there?



  • John GJohn G Reckon Staff Posts: 2,286 ✭✭
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    Welcome to the Reckon Community Scott.

    Your situation is straightforward.

    I suggest you complete all your 2017-18 work on the original PC and then create a backup which you will transfer to the new PC.

    Install 2018-19 on the new PC, open the Sample file and Activate.  Then restore the backup from the original PC into the 2018-19 version on the new PC.  it will upgrade and be ready for use for the new financial year.


  • Scott RowlandScott Rowland Member Posts: 2
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    Thanks John, that's exactly what I wanted to hear

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