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I have started a new book July 1 in Reckon One. How do I enter payments for Invoices created before the start date?


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    Hi Gary If you entered a start date of 1/7/18 then you can't. You would have to use either 1/7/17 or start a new book with a start date of before 1/7/18. Hope this helps. Kind regards Kim Chapman
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    Hi Gary,

    Transactions cannot be entered before the book start date.

    In a recent Reckon One update, the ability to back date your book start date has been added. See the link below for more information on changing your book start date.
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    That was a pretty crucial change that got overlooked, shame there isn't a better way of notifying us of these important updates that is not going to get lost in amongst the rest of the Community emails.  

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    Hi Kim. We have discussed this internally and will add release notes to the new 'upcoming' online help site for Reckon One, as well as in product notifications (TBC whether that is portal or Reckon One itself). 

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    Thanks Jason. Much appreciated.
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