single touch payroll - 1st lodgement

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I am just about to lodge my first STP reports in Payroll Premier 18/19; however, when i run the STP screen the figures listed are all the EOFY figures not the last pay run even though this is selected in the top left corner? Do i need to press the 'End of Financial Year' button to reset for this year? The pay cycle i am trying to lodge is week ending 30/6 but will be physically paid tomorrow (5/7) so needs to be included in the 18/19 FY but i am wondering if the system is getting confused with the week ending date of 30/6. I have checked preferences and 'date paid' is selected.


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    I spoke to the help desk re: the above today and was told this was a known error where the week ending date is last FY but the payment date is this FY it is picking up YTD figures from last financial year. This is obviously a pretty big problem that needs to be resolved ASAP - do you have an ETA for this problem to be fixed as i can't lodge my first STP report without this matter being resolved!
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