Sending Emails and Lodging STP issues with system not accepting 6 digit code.

Daneille GittoesDaneille Gittoes Member Posts: 6
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Reckon - I cannot seem to send payslips or Payment Summaries via accounts hosted today. Both of which i have done for years until today and in the new program. The send forms list is blank and the only option it gives me is to close send forms. I think there is a problem in the program. Can you advise how to fix asap. Apart from this issue that no one is getting back to me on - i've been trying since tuesday to lodge STP. I have followed all steps and when it gets to setting up MFA when lodging - it never accepts my 6 digit code. Everything looks set up correctly but will not recognise my code. Reckon can you please reply to my emails and on here. So frustrating. I have employees wanting their payslips and payment summaries and do not have the time to sit and pdf them all and then send individual emails. Nor do I have the time to try to email and then escape over 200 + times and do not want to set up a dummy payroll person etc to fix a Reckon system problems that I have never encounted in 10 years. I've now wasted days on these issues, no one is getting back to me, cannot get through on the phone and very annoyed. We will soon be looking for another payroll/accounting system if this is the service we get with 6 licences. Please fix this issue Reckon and get back to me - 0488-553901

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