Can not access my book, Reckon 1800 not answering

Ren MorrowRen Morrow Member Posts: 2
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I am trying to log in to my book but it is not letting me. I am being told "This account has no subscriptions, or you have not been assigned access to any subscriptions. Please contact admin of the company for assistance."  I am the only person to have access to our book and am the administrator.  I have done nothing different for months nor have I changed settings.


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    Hi Laureyanne,

    Just checking off the basics, are you signing in with the correct Reckon Portal login credentials that you usually do? ie. whether that is a Google, Microsoft registration or a regular sign-in.

    The book that you're trying to access, is it a book that has been shared with you from another party or one that you've set up?
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