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I am attempting to upload a file to GovConnect but I keep getting the 'Company Details do not match' error. I have checked in Payroll to confirm case and other details match to what is recorded in GovConnect.  Yet the error is still occurring.



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    I should also mention that when I tried to contact the 1300 852 232 number at the ATO to register the software ID, they wouldn't speak to me because I wasn't listed as a contact on the Australian Business Register. 

    The client is currently away in Paris until the end of the month and he is the only person who can speak directly to the ATO to confirm I am authorised to pay their wages.
    And as the conditions of STP are to upload the data either before or on the day the wages are paid (which is today) I am quite literally a bit stuffed.
    Has anyone else experienced this issue registering their software ID with the ATO?  Am I doing something wrong in the process?
    Would really love some insight, assistance.  Thank you.
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    Actually, I tried calling again and the second person I spoke with at the ATO was VERY helpful.  STP Software all registered! Whoop!
    If anyone has the same trouble I had with the ATO, hang up and try again to get someone willing to help you out. :-)