How do I process Long Service Leave on Payroll Premier

ShielaShiela Member Posts: 2
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My company is using Payroll Premier 2017/2018 and will be upgrading to the latest version.
Our company is not using the payroll system on accruing Long Service Leave eversince we've started Payroll Premier. 
Now that there's an employee who will be taking a long service leave, how will we process this in the payroll system. Appreciate an assistance please.


  • Vicki SladeVicki Slade Member Posts: 4
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    Shiela - a simple solution which I had to do was calculate the amount of accured LSL to date ( complicated equation but you can) - then enter those hours in as an accured amount in that employees LSL  - change the information in the Leave Details box so every week , you do accur LSL for that employee from now on.... also a new Payroll item for that employee is LSL hourly to use when paying them LSL  and not hourly pay .    I tried to attach a picture    -I do things very simply here.....Vicki image

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