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I have Reckon One. I have selected for the client's and my company details to appear in the invoice, for this I have gone to the invoice page>manage template>products and services invoice/manage. I don't get prompted to enter my company details. The only place I can see my address is under my profile but it only has one line and no matter what I put it deems it incorrect. Where do I enter my company details?


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    Hi Kevin. Go to settings. General. Company information I think it is called. First tab on the top left. Kind regards Kim Chapman
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    Try Settings › General › Book settings

    Then fill in the following four tabs that appear across the bottom of that page....

    General Details | Legal Address | Physical Address | Contact details

    It is the Physical address and not the Legal address that display on my invoices.
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    Ahhhhhh, and then there was light!!!!!
    Thank you very much!!!!
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    Both Kim and Ted
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