Heidi Krasulak
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After checking a submitted file a couple of days later I found an error message from the ATO "The value specified for an item does not match the item type (value = "", item type = String, uniqueID = Hint: The Pattern constraint failed"

I'm guessing it has something to do with the employee postcodes.  I have gone in, checked and fixed a couple.  Then tried to run a new report (full file replacement) then tried uploading it but it wont give me the correct file date to replace.

Can somebody please advise on the correct procedure here.  I feel like I'm going around in circles....

Oh! and have we worked out a way to delete draft files yet??


  • Rav
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    Hi Heidi,
    The only time I've seen that message before has been when a five digit postcode has been entered into the field. I know you've mentioned you've gone in and fixed a couple but I'd recommend checking over all of them and ensuring they're all valid.
    As the first pay event hasn't been accepted due to the error, you won't need to do a full file replacement in this case, you'll need to submit a regular 'new' pay event. 

    Pay events in a draft status can't be deleted yet, but we'll have an update coming soon which will provide that ability.
  • Julie Ross
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    I have the same issue. Every STP report lodged now has an error message. My problem is that our postcode is 0870 and the first 0 is not recognised by the ATO. There must be other businesses in the Northern Territory who have the same issue. How do I get around this?
  • Sam G
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    Hi Julie, 

    That certainly sounds like an issue we have come across before, we rolled out a patch a little while ago that should resolve this for you.

    Can you take a look at the following article and let me know if that takes care of the problem? 

    Also just as an FYI you will need to do a “new” upload and not a file replacement.
  • Chiara Mazzera
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    I have same problem. I checked every post code and they are correct. what can I do? 
  • Brunda TV
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    HAs this ever been solved? I am on my 4th payroll and still happening. Whats this message about? Post codes are all correct. I checked and rechecked.