Reckon Hosted Screen Resolution

Isaiah SaundersIsaiah Saunders Member Posts: 3
edited May 27 in Accounts Hosted
The screen resolution of the virtual environment for Reckon Accounts Hosted is simply not sufficient as I have staff complaining of eye-strain and resulting headaches.  Our IT support have invested substantial time trying to mitigate the issues, configuring the displays and exploring all aspects of trying to address this problem (including new monitors and graphics cards) but the problem appears to be inherent to the Reckon Hosted product.  Please increase the screen resolution for the Reckon Hosted virtual environment. 


  • MaryAnnMaryAnn Member Posts: 10
    edited May 27
    I wholeheartedly endorse the comments made by Isaiah Saunders.  We have tried various things including new monitors and I even got new glasses! Reckon have insisted that there is no problem that they can fix. I find that hard to believe, the resolution with the desk top version was fine, I used it for years without a problem. Hope it can be fixed before I go blind.
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