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I'm using Payroll Premier, and both companies I process payroll for have this same message "the ATO were unable to process your submission because we could not locate the submission that you have requested to be replaced".  Our first pay event upload (fortnight ago) had the error message, it is now "contact the ATO" - noone there can apparently help me.  New pay events uploaded today and receiving same ATO message about no file to replace.  There is no option provided in GovConnect other than to say its a file replacement with a date selection drop-down option before it will allow the confirm button to be used in submitting the file


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    Hi Suellen,
    From the sounds of it there are a couple of things happening here.
    The first thing relates to the "Please contact the tax office" message that your first submission received.
    This relates to the Software ID from your GovConnect not being registered with the ATO yet. What you need to do is obtain your Software ID from the Company & Advisers section in GovConnect and register with the ATO either via the ATO Access Manager OR by calling the ATO to give them the Software ID.
    The full process is here - "Please contact the tax office" - Single Touch Payroll

    The second aspect is "The ATO were unable to process your submission because we could not locate the submission that you have requested to be replaced" message.
    From the sounds of it, you're selecting either Full File Replacement or Update Event, however since the first submission has not been accepted due to the Software ID issue above, there is no file to replace (since it hasn't been accepted). Once you complete the Software ID above, you can lodge a normal pay event and it provided there are no further issues, it will be accepted for processing.
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    Thanks Rav, the Software ID for both companies has been registered with the ATO - I spent 4 hours on the phone with them last pay event to get them all sorted out......  Since then was the message to contact the ATO - another however many hours and they couldn't tell me what the error was for.

    This weeks pay runs I had no option that I can select "normal pay event" at the GovConnect upload point - the only option available is "full file replacement" and then must select a payrun date before i could confirm the submit button - this is at the Reckon GovConnect point.  after selecting the current pay event date and confirming the submission, i then got the ATO message that there is no file to replace..........   
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    Hi Suellen

    This means that you have selected full file replacement in your accounting application when exporting the file.

    If you do not select that option when exporting, you will not get the full file replacement option drop down



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    There are only 2 options provided in the STP export screen - "Full File Replacement" or "Update Event"  whichgenerates at the point of processing the pay run.  As I wasn't updating any event, but wishing to submit a full file - what other option is there to have a correct export file that will submit successfully to the ATO???
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    Don't select any of those options at all in Payroll Premier when exporting.
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    What about Reckon One desktop? Do I not select either option?
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    I may be in the same boat as Suellen. I am trying to upload reports for a client (I do multiple payrolls, one of whom is required to sent reports from now). I have just gone back to the Reckon website to try not selecting an option. That doesn't work! I don't get the 'confirm' to light up. When I select 'New Pay Run / Full File Replacement' I get the 'confirm' lit up. Then the upload option comes up but it tells me I have to check the ABN - not enough information. I have registered my client with the ATO and followed all the steps that I have been given and yet I still can't upload the reports.
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    some of my STP reports had an error as ATO didnt have my software ID when I first submitted them , I re-submitted them by doing a full file replacement and some went through but there is still some that I have re-submitted that still say "Error" and doesn't matter if I try and replace them or update them again they still say "Error"..says contact ATO but when I spoke to the ATO they said it was a problem with Reckon.. so frustrating
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    Hi Sherryn,
    Any STP pay events that you submitted prior to registering the Software ID were not processed so there are no files that you need to 'replace' with your subsequent attempts to send a Full File Replacement. 
    Full File Replacement should only be used to replace the last successfully submitted pay event only, more info -

    If your LATEST pay event submission has been successful, then your YTD balances are up to date.
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