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Hi (ref:525069059). I recently purchased a 2017 Accounts product and when installed it my old records were wiped out (1998 Quickbooks). the message I get is use a 2005 program to retrieve? I dont have this of course. I was always told that the new purchase would have no effect. How can the old records be retrieved? Also, I cannot open the program at all? Keeps telling me that I need to use a 2005 program. What work I have done originally some 2 weeks ago, I cannot find.


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    Reckon does not "wipeout" your data as far as I am aware (the old datafile will still be somewhere on your computer) ... if you have been using a very very old version of QuickBooks - (sounds like you were using version 4 or 6?) then there is a process of upgrading that the file needs to do to get you to the current version... you would need to install a trial version of QuickBooks 2002 - which should be able to upgrade your datafile from where it is now (although it may actually need to go to Version 7 first? This was the first version that had GST enabled)... then a trial version of QuickBooks 07/08, which should be able to upgrade the 2002 file, then you can upgrade to the Reckon Accounts 2017....   
    There are a couple of things you would need to check/take care with when the file upgrades to 2002... it might be worth it to have an Accredited Partner do this upgrade for you?  many of us have old versions of the software on our computers for these purposes...or you could contact Reckon and ask them for a link to download the old versions you need to do the upgrade?  Look for an AP in your area at https://partnersearch.reckon.com/
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    There was no 1998 product. Are you sure you are talking about Reckon Accounts? By the way nothing is ever deleted from your hdd.
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    QuickBooks 5. Reckon took over
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    Hi Ron,

    Linda is correct, to upgrade from QuickBooks V5, you first need to upgrade to QuickBooks 7.5, then QuickBooks 2002, then to QuickBooks 2007/08, from there you'll be able to upgrade to the latest releases of Reckon Accounts.

    Trial versions of all of those prior versions can be found on the Reckon Accounts DVD (in the resources folder), or can be downloaded from here: https://www.reckon.com/au/prior-versions-and-retail-downloads/

    The Upgrade & Install guide has information on the upgrade process: 
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    Not correct. It was still Quicken. You can open it using v5 if you have the disks
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