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Ivan GreenIvan Green Member Posts: 2
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Hello. Can anyone tell me how to copy and paste a company letterhead in jpeg format to the invoice and packing slip and probably statement layout customisation in Reckon Accounts Hosted 2018? We have lost it now that we have changed over from 2017.


  • Linda ABCLinda ABC Member Posts: 1,171 ✭✭
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    Ivan - did you rename the file when you upgraded to 2018?  if so - the images are still in the folder that relates to the previous file name.  If you go to your template - and click on the Logo selection button - just navigate to where the old file lived and you should see a folder with the old file name and - Images after it?  look in there for the logo/letterhead file you were using - select it and it should then copy over to the new Images folder for the 2018 file.  Once you have done this once - you can then select this same logo in this folder for all your other templates.
  • Ivan GreenIvan Green Member Posts: 2
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    Thank you Linda. Job done. Appreciate your help.
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