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accrued leave for part-time not working?

Tanya JaroTanya Jaro Member Posts: 6
edited August 2018 in Reckon One
Using payroll reckon one. Have added a new employee who works 8 hours/week(under gov't subsidy that's why hours are low). Anyway, somehow accrued leave is not calculating after a week's work. It should be around 0.614 hours but first payslip is calculating 2.92 hours which is accrued leave for a full-time employee.
Anyone else having this issue? Been on phone for 25mins waiting...will hang up now and hopefully Reckon community can assist.


  • Lynda ChaterLynda Chater Member Posts: 28
    edited August 2018

    Hi Tanya,

    This is calculating as per a 28 hour week.

    You need to adjust the Pay accrual amount so that it calculates this on an hourly basis rather than on a 38 hour week.  The rate should only be .584 per week.

    In the employees card, go to the leave tab and adjust the rate per period to the above.  You will also need to vary the Personal Leave accrual to .292 per period.

    Hope this helps


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