Runtime error

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I'm trying to get through a few bank reconciles and import new transactions and my morning has gone from annoying to worse.
I get through most of a reconcile and change to screen 3 of 4 (for example) of my bank statement and Reckon throws a "Server Error in '/' Application" at me, so I have to start again because nothing actual updates on the page I just left.
The same happens when I try to import my credit card transactions.
I try Firefox and Chrome and get the same messages at the same points, and the same if I try using a different machine in the office.image
I also get problems when I log in initially where the screen reverts to old school file layout style.
Could someone please help with some ideas because I'm really close to jumping ship to go to a package that works
And as a side note I have had to sign in at least 7 times to try to post this (ironically called a Get Satisfaction Account)
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