Allowances not populating in STP Portal

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Has anyone else noticed a problem where allowances are showing in Payroll Premier and are correctly showing in the Single Touch Payroll Report to be exported, however when the file is uploaded to the Reckon STP Portal, the summary of the pays shows allowances at "$0.00". When I click on the individual employee's detail, it correctly shows the allowance.
I called tech support last week about this and was told it was not an issue and to just submit the file as is however it leaves me with little confidence considering all the other issues this system has been plagued with since launch.
When I look at the JSON file in notepad it is showing under each employee's name "" next to  "SumAllowances" : in the "Summary". However further down under "Allowance Data" seems to have the correct information so my assumption is that this is what is causing it.
I would really like to know if this is going to be fixed as it makes for an incredibly tedious process of checking that data is correct before submitting to the ATO.


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    Jennifer_9737475 Member Posts: 3
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    Any updates on this anyone? Will this be fixed in the next update that has been announced to be released soon?