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item code x quantity variable price

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I am looking for a way to calculate the price of an item based on the quantity.  we are in the embroidery industry and price is determined by number of stitches in a design. we have a price matrix based on stitches vs quantity. I want to be able to use this matrix for pricing sales orders and invoices in quickbooks.


  • simonsimon Member Posts: 13
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    My thoughts;

    Create a material with the unit price matching your single stitch price ($0.1 per stitch) then just enter the qty of stitches on the order.

    I'm guessing your matrix is not that simple, but do you have pricing bands (first 100 stitches at 0.1, next 100 at 0.08 and so on) then create two materials one for each band.  Bit messy but the report by materials may give you some useful insight into sales patterns.

    The only other way, I can think of, would be to build a spreadsheet to create iif files that could be uploaded. Imagine a spreadsheet that has the matrix in and an input box for the qty.  It then exports an iif file with the entries required to create the sales order (or invoice) in QB.  You'd have to be careful to get the tax right and I don't think it can handle relationships (so can't match order with invoice) but could bulk upload.
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    thank you for your thoughts, will have a look and see if it can work for us.  Its what I was thinking but was hoping there was a way of building the price matrix within quickbooks that would work with the item details that include the stitches and calculate based on the quantity entered int he sales order
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