hosted - is currently unable to handle this request, HTTP ERROR 500

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I tried several times to log in 'LAUNCH ACCOUNT 2018 R2', but the HTTP ERROR 500 keeps coming up and showing 'hosted -' is currently unable to handle this request. Is there any ways to solve this issue?


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,868 Administrator
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    Hi Ida,
    Which browser are you using when you encounter this message?
    Does the same issue occur if you test logging in on an alternative browser?

    Are there any active sessions in the Hosted control panel? If so, can you please log them off and then logout (click logout in the top right corner) and try again after 5 minutes.

  • JO-ANNEJO-ANNE Member Posts: 196
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    hello, I have this problem now. I  have no active sessions open
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