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Murray OwenMurray Owen Member Posts: 2
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I have recently upgraded to Reckon Accounts Personal 2018.  Every time I attempt to create/modify a category/subcategory the program errors and needs to shut down.  A re-install has been attempted with no change. The data file has been validated and no errors reported.  The location of the data files have been changed. The operating system is Windows 10 and a sfc /scannow command has been run.  Program still errors and needs to shut down.

Is anyone able to guide me to a solution?


  • Lou SimonisLou Simonis Member Posts: 10
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    Hi Murray,
    If you are running windows 10 with latest updates, at least in Sept 2018 and also using Windows Defender latest version, then Windows Defender may be blocking qw.exe from making data alterations. This happened on my computer last month. In Security settings you can set qw.exe to be allowed to change data. I noted another customer who simply disable Windows Defender and used another antivirus program. Thus two options to fix if that is the case.
    Lou Simonis
  • Murray OwenMurray Owen Member Posts: 2
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    Hello Lou

    Disabling Windows Defender did not provide a solution.  There was no other antivirus software running when I attempted to add a sub-category and the result was the same.  Reckon Accounts threw and error and closed itself down.

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