Transactions disappear from Online Banking

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I'm using Reckon Hosted.

This issue is a little bit detailed, but important (to me at least!).

For the last two weeks I have created some "Bank Online" payments on Friday (some Bills and some cheques), for inclusion in a Monday payment run.  These payments appear in the Online Banking Centre on Friday, but when I come to create an ABA file on Monday the payments are not there.

This is a change in behaviour when previously I could add "Bank Online" payments over time, and then create an ABA file later.  The problem is that the cheques still exist in Reckon, but I can't send the payments to the bank, because they have disappeared - so Reckon says the bills are paid, but in reality they are not.

So there are a few possibilities
1) It is possible that one of our people have deleted the payments, but they tell me that they have not, and I can't check this because when I press the "ABA File History" button in the Online Banking Centre it tells me that "There is no ABA History for {abc} Bank".

2)  Some functionality in Reckon has changed....?

3)  I'm doing it wrong??  (although I haven't knowingly changed my behaviour here...)

4)  Something else?

Is anyone else having this issue?
How many ways can transactions leave the Online Banking Centre other than via the creation of an ABA file?
Why doesn't the ABA file history button work?
Is there another way I can tell how / where these transactions have disappeared?  [Note: I tried 


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    Hi Lucas,

    I've had a chat with a few folks in regard to this and there are a few potential reasons that we've discussed.

    The only scenario where we've seen a similar scenario is where payments have been created but the ABA file NOT processed and then a reconciliation is performed. Hosted assumes that the reconciliation has recognised that these transactions are already in the bank and deletes the ABA file to prevent duplication.

    Alternatively, this would normally occur if a user has created the ABA file and not processed it to the bank. Say for example, you created the ABA file on the Friday but opted not to send it to bank until the Monday however when viewing ABA History on that Monday it shows no records. There's some info on why this occurs here - 
    Cannot view ABA File History on Reckon Accounts Hosted

    Finally, there might potentially be a corruption in your file leading to this behaviour, although I'm picking it might be one of the two reasons above its still worth checking.
    Check out the info here -
    How to perform regular data file maintenance in Reckon Accounts (Hosted) - Verify Data / Rebuild Data
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    Hi Rav,

    Thanks for your feedback and suggestions.  I'm not sure I understand what you are saying about the reconciliation.  Do you mean that 
    1)  payments are created, the ABA file is subsequently created, but not sent to the bank.  When a reconciliation is done Reckon *assumes* that the ABA file was processed?  - surely the point of a reconciliation is to remove *assumptions* ?  This would not result in payments being deleted anyway...  ?

    2) Or, do you mean that the payments are created, but the ABA file is not created.  The reconciliation *assumes* that the payments were sent to the bank so deletes them from the Online Banking Center?  This would make little sense because if the ABA file wasn't made, then chances are the payments haven't left the bank.  Again, the point of the reconciliation is to validate all this anyway.

    Or do you mean something else... ?


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