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Chris BollardChris Bollard Member Posts: 8
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Sorry if this is blinding obvious to the Reckon One gurus BUT how do i view transactions in Bank Account that I have allocated from a bank feed?

I've had so issues with Westpac bank feeds and I want to check (referring to my bank statements) that everyhing is in there



  • Judy ThomasJudy Thomas Member Posts: 13
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    Hi Chris

    It's easy to find once you've know!  Go to:

    > Banking
    > Bank Accounts
    > Select the bank account you wish to work on
    > You are now on the Banking>Bank Accounts screen
    > Choose your date range and click on Refresh

    Now you can see three tabs:-

    Recon One transactions - this is the one you are looking for.  
    Here are the transactions you have coded and entered into your ledger.  You just need to ensure your date range is correct and they will appear.  If you wish to change those transactions already done, go here.

    Transactions from Bank tab - here are the transactions in your feed, yet to be coded to your ledger.

    I am constantly clicking between those two tabs when I work in Reckon.  Sometimes I operate on two screens and have two files open at once, to save all the back and forth.

    Quick Coding - is a new function feature I have yet to use. (If you're familiar with Xero you'll understand what it's for)

    Hope this helps!


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