I cant access reckon hosted from my android tablet.

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reckon you say you have access available through mobile devices. But it has NEVER worked. i have a samsumg tabs4 with samsung keyboard, and can log in, and get as far as thescreen with the scrolling red dots, then it just goes back to the screen with the option for control panel or accounts hosted. I have raised this previously wiht tech support,and done everything they say. mainly use fire fox or chrome. Hwever these fixes havent made any difference. it would be great if i could access to do quotes, and invoices when mobile as well as access other funtionality!! can you please sort something out with this, it has been like this for years, and it feels like reckon are being left behind by not keeping up with the mobile technology. Cheers, Chris.


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    I never have problems on my phone.
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    While I don't have an Android tablet on hand, for what its worth I just tested out Hosted on my iPad Air (1st Gen) and was able to use it pretty well.

    Check out this KnowledgeBase article, it has a bit of info which might be helpful -
    Unable to log into Hosted with a Samsung Tablet
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    Different operating system Rav
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