Unable to verify, rebuild or create portable file - stuck at 0%

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Reckon Enterprise R2P, file size 912956Kb

We are unable to verify, rebuild or create a portable file. In each instance the process sticks at 0%. The longest we have left anything running for is 14 hours and it was still at 0%.

I've checked the QBWIN.log file which showed the relevant process starting and then no entries after that at all. In addition, task manager shows nothing is happening.

I have reported to support who asked for a backup. They then advised they can't open the backup so therefore the data must be corrupted, yet I am using the file on a daily basis with no error messages. Support's advice was to restore the last backup on which verification was run, but due to the time it took them to assist me that is now three weeks old and not an option due to the number of transactions posted.

The fact that each process, including the portable backup, sticks at 0% suggests to me the issue is not data related, but rather something to do with the processes themselves not running. A portable backup would not be doing any data verification, which also suggests to me the issue is not data related.

The only odd thing is that prior to this happening our file size increased around 1000-1200Kb per week. Since not being able to verify the file size is increasing by around 16,000-20,000Kb per week with no significant increase in transactions being posted. In one instance just adding around 20 sales orders increased the file size by nearly 20,000Kb.

Anyone got any ideas or seen anything similar before?


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    Anti Virus turned off? If not do so. (In fact you are better to exclude your data files).

    As for the 0% that really doesn't mean much. Your file is large an with an outdated program like RA it simply means its busy doing something hasn't got time to update the display. I will not expand on that..

    Also also recommend hosting it on Solid State Drives if you are not.

    Don't know the procedure you have been trying. But maybe try this.

    Take a copy of your QBW file as a backup. (not a RA backup)

    Do a rebuild (cancel, when it gets to the backup stage, this skips backup).

    ALSO make sure your hard drive doesn't have disk error, or not currently dying. Slow computer may also mean hardware issues. Desktop PC older than 3 years and 5 years for enterprise gear.

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    Agree with Tim - sounds a bit like a hard drive issue... I was going to suggest - 1. Run the scan on your hard drive holding the file, check for errors 2. copy the file to another location (this should write the file to different spots on the hard drive), see if you can open it.  3.  Resort ALL your lists, Accounts, Items, Names, Memorised Reports, Memorised Transactions etc (also check that your Trial Balance does in fact balance ie debits equals credits when running this report for ALL dates - this will confirm that there isnt a problem with a transaction)... 4.  Try to create a Portable file (make sure you use a fresh file name in a fresh location  5.  Restore this portable file to a new location with a new name (this in fact does do some error checking, defragging, and database rebuilding)... ...  patience will be required for all of this due to the size of the file... if you don't have it on an SSD (Solid State) drive - then don't waste your time - move it to a location that is an SSD...good luck!
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