My Invoice list says it full and I can't write more . What can I do ?

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I have a Reckon Accounts Home & Business Personal Plus 2013 and I trying to write a Invoice . A pop up appears that my Invoice/ Estimate List is full and I can't proceed ( can't enter any Invoices at all ) . I'm sitting at 1500+ Invoices but it should not been  limited . Someone has any ideas what I can do ?


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    Hi Simone,
    The below is an excerpt from a seperate Knowledgebase article.

    If your invoice list has reached the 1500 limit, you will need to create a new data file. Archive data from before this financial year.

    • File > File Operations > Year-End Copy;
    • Under Current Data File click on I only want transactions in my current data file starting with this date: and enter the first date for this file – eg: 1/7/20xx;
    • Under Archive Data file:

    a. For Give the archive file a name and location: select a location and if desired alter the default name;

    b. For This archive data file will contain transactions up to an including: enter the day before the first day of the new file – eg: 30/6/20xx;

    • Click OK to carry out the process;
    • When complete, choose to open the Current file.

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  • Simone_9876854
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    I done exactly that but still have the same problem image