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KarinaKarina Member Posts: 15
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I have noticed that my Reckon Desktop YTD Earnings/Super Totals on all employees payslips have been reset for the past two weeks.  Is there anyway of resetting this. My STP YTD earnings aren't affected by this. But I am having alot of employees askings
Any Assistance would be greatful


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 9,871 Administrator
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    Hi Karina,
    Can you give us a bit more info on this, particularly around what mean when you say its reset? Has it gone to zero?

    Have you submitted a Update Event recently?
  • Kerrie CoxKerrie Cox Member Posts: 23
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    Karina, We had exactly the same problem for 2 pay periods. Reports were OK but not payslips or pay cheques. Then all went back to normal. I resent new payslips to everyone (but only 1 employee had even noticed).
  • KarinaKarina Member Posts: 15
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    Hi Rav
    This is the third week of YTD earnings not updated correctly.  
    Not sure what do you mean an Update ? Of Reckon ?
  • JennaJenna Member Posts: 4
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    Hi Karina, 
    I am having the same problem. Did this problem fix at all? And if so, how please??
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