my Reckon 2018 premier account is very slow on start up and between some screens. more so after back

Wendy Wildman
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    Very little information to go on Wendy. You’ll need to look at the Size of your data file (QBW) to see if that is an issue. How old is you PC? Your hard drive may be on its way out. Also could also be a virus. Your better off getting an I.T. Service To take a look at it.
  • Robert Smeallie_9600650
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    Hi Wendy

    Tim is correct in his appraisal but when it comes to a computer specification there are more things to consider. The processor type and speed, the amount of RAM installed, the type of hard drive whether it is the old IDE version, or the newer SATA version with faster data transfer rate or even a modern Solid State Drive (SSD) which has the fastest data handling ability (think of it like a big USB thumb drive). Their only problem is their cost - a very expensive piece of equipment.

    The size of the data file would contribute to the slow start-up of Reckon as it needs to be loaded into memory to be updated with new transactions and also how much Video memory you have on your computer would affect the screen refresh time.

    How old is the computer and what operating system are you using (Windows _)?..

    I hope that gives you an idea of how much information is required to give you an idea of that is the source of your problem.

    Robert Smeallie