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Hi Guys.
I am trying to create a payslip for an employee on personal leave and each time I enter the 38 hours personal salary reckon adds these hours to the "personal salary available" instead of deducting them.
I really don't get this,
Thanks fr helping,


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    Hi Mathieu

    This sounds like an error in the setup of the employee's Personal Leave tab. 

    • Make sure you have the correct "Accrual hours …" rate entered.  ("Every Hour" - rather than "Every Pay" is recommended as it allows for either/both Full-Time &/or Part-Time)
    • The Accrual per hour for Personal Leave – based on a 37.5 hr working week – is 0.03846.  (This is half the Annual Leave per hour accrual of 0.07692)
    • RA rounds these 2 accrual-per-hour figures to 0.03833 & 0.07694 – This is fine!
    • Make sure “Maximum number of hours” on both Personal & Holiday Leave tabs are BLANK  (Do NOT Enter “0”!)

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