Invoices marked as Paid but still in unpaid section

Steven Cusens
Steven Cusens Member Posts: 3
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Paid invoices are still in the unpaid section of Reckon One. They are marked as Paid when I open the actual invoice. How can I move them from the Unpaid tab to the Paid tab?


  • David Morris
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    Do you have a screen shot? 
  • Kerrie H
    Kerrie H Member Posts: 102 ✭✭
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    I have two customers that when I receive a payment to apply is shows a big list of invoices from 1999-2000 which have been paid, I have tried to get rid of them but cannot find a way, they do not appear on any reports to say they are unpaid and I guess it's probably something to do with the way they were processed 20 years ago.  Although it anoys me I just scroll past them to find the current invoice to apply the payment to.  Probably not relevant to Steven's issue but though any fix might work for mine also.
  • Jodie
    Jodie Member Posts: 31
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    I am also having this problem, I have opened reckon one in different browser hoping it might refresh it.  have unallocated payment and reapplied it but that has not worked.  Please help.. Thanks
  • Rav
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    Hi guys,
    Sounds like there may be an errant bug leaving some Reckon One invoices in the unpaid tab.
    We'll need to take a bit of a closer look and if you're able to shoot us some further info that would be really helpful. Specifically, we'll need your Reckon One user name/email address and the URL that displays in your address bar when you open the invoice(s) that are exhibiting this problem. It will look something like this as an example -

    Shoot it through to me at [email protected] and I'll ask our devs to take a look 
  • Rav
    Rav Administrator Posts: 13,517 Community Manager Community Manager
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    Hi Jodie,
    Can you please check if this is now resolved for you and let me know?

    Steven - I've flicked you a reply back to your email. Should be resolved for you as well.

  • James Morton
    James Morton Member Posts: 2
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    Hello, We are having the same issues with invoices which are paid still being listed as overdue. Has this bug been fixed yet?
  • Megan LeNoir
    Megan LeNoir Member Posts: 3
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    Hi I am having the same issue in relation to a couple of invoices that have been paid but on the list of unpaid invoices it is showing up there with $0 balances due, now do I rectify this.
    Megan LeNoir
  • PBA
    PBA Member Posts: 7
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    Hi there, did this get sorted?  I have one rogue 'overdue' invoice that has been paid.

  • Megan LeNoir
    Megan LeNoir Member Posts: 3
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    No it does not appear to have been sorted as I still have a few items that have been paid and show $0 balance but still in the unpaid section
  • PJD
    PJD Member Posts: 1
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    I've got the same issue and would love to hear the outcome.

  • Carol White-nee Nieper
    Carol White-nee Nieper Member Posts: 2
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    I am having the same issue.  I entered a load of invoices and entered payments. They are showing up in the owing tab but when i open the invoices they are stamped paid.