Batch Payments shown as one figure in the Bank Account

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Hi, I am using Reckon Accounts Hosted and was wanting to know what is the best way to handle batch payments made to suppliers with an aba file and the bankdata imports as one amount. 
This occurs also when customer payments are received  that have been paid by eftpos and the bankdata imports as one daily amount.


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    Hi TlcMot

    Batch payments, open pay bills and keep ticking the suppliers you want to pay, you can tick different supplier invoices and it keeps adding up at the bottom , then process the total on the date paid from bank as usual but choose 'bank online' your online bank symbol should come up.  Go to your online banking and the transactions will be in the list.  tick the ones you want and create the aba file.

    customer payments by eftpos - receipt as normal choosing eftpos payment method so you can identify them, except choose the "undeposited funds" bank account not your own.  Enter each eftpos customer payment one by one.

    Go to 'make deposit', click on "payments" up top (green money icon), this will bring up a list of everything in undeposited funds.  Tick the ones that match the eftpos payment into your bank,  these will pull into one deposit to your bank account.  change the date to match the eftpos dep date and you can put a memo on the deposit EFTPOS.

    If you have taken eftpos that isn't customer payments - enter a sales receipt for the total of the transactions Not customer payments and again put that to undeposited funds, this can then be pulled into the same deposit as the customer payments.

    This is how you handle cheque/cash paid but go to the bank once a week.
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    Thank you for your prompt reply...... Much appreciated :)
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