STP Error - Text character must be...

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I've just lodged my usual STP lodgement and it's come back with the error: 

Error message

  • A text character must be one of the following: A to Z a to z 0 to 9 ! @ $ % & * ( ) - = [ ] ; : ' " , . ? / or a space character
I had a look at the previous lodgement and it looks like that one had the same error as well. When I compare the employee names between the lodgements that failed and the last lodgement that succeeded, there was only one additional name which had no special characters and the rest of the employees remained the same.

I've attempted removing special characters from names and resubmitting, but it's still showing the same error. Is it possible to pinpoint which line is causing this error, or what would be the next steps in order to get this resolved.


  • RavRav Administrator Posts: 10,790 Administrator
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    Hi Ben,
    Were you able to check other fields as well for any invalid characters eg. employee address fields etc.

    If you can't see anything there, it might be worth giving our technical support team a buzz as they may potentially be able to validate the JSON file which hopefully isolates where the problem is.
  • BenBen Member Posts: 19
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    That did the trick! I didn't realise the addresses pulled through too.
  • StephanieStephanie Member Posts: 11
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    Hi Rav. Is there a quick way to check other employee details? It's very time consuming when you have 300+ employees/week?
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