Hi All! We need to set up a new MFA on the payroll officer's phone.

Helen Bowers
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This is a new phone but with the same number as before. I believe we need to photograph the Reckon Gov Connect bar code. Can anyone point me in the right direction? There should be be no change to logging on with usual email and password.


  • Rav
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    Hi there Helen,
    What you'll need to do is revoke the current MFA from the initial phone first before setting it up on the new phone.

    You can do this by logging in and clicking your Profile -

    Then scroll down to the Multi-Factor Authentication section at the bottom of the page and click Revoke. You'll need the authenticator from the current phone, or you have the option of using the Recovery PIN if you've set one up.
    More info and step by step instructions here - 
    I want to swap MFA Authenticator between devices, what do I do?

    Once that is complete, you can set up MFA from the new phone.
    More info on setting up Multi-Factor Authentication here - 
    MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication)

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