Issues opening Excel files when Reckon is open

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I'm writing this message on behalf of someone.

They are using Reckon Accounts Premier - Accountant Edition 2018 and Reckon Accounts 2018.

Whenever they have Reckon open, most Excel files refuse to open and instead go into the file recovery menu. I suspect that this might be due to specific macros on those Excel files, but I am unsure of this.

If needed, I can provide a screenshot of the specific screen it goes to on Excel. Microsoft Office is also updated to the latest version.

The user needs to use both Reckon and Excel simultaneously, so this is interfering with their work. Any help is highly appreciated.


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    This is not normal behaviour.  My only suggestions would be:

    Do you get the same error with .xlsx files as xlsm?  xlsx can't contain macros so that would eliminate excel code being the issue.  

    Was reckon trying to export a report to excel? Is that stuck in a loop.  Can you export another report to excel without issue?

    The standard response of "close everything carefully and reboot" would be a good first step. 
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    Hi Simon,

    The error happens with .xlsx files as well. So, it's definitely not the macros, I gather.

    Reckon wasn't trying to export anything to Excel. All that's required to reproduce the issue on the computer was simply attempting to open specific Excel files while Reckon was open, regardless of whether or not Reckon was actually doing anything. Other users in the company aren't having the issue.

    The user had this issue for around 12 months. The computer shuts down every Friday.

    I've attached a screenshot (sensitive information is blacked out). This is what happens whenever the user tries to open some (not all) Excel files. There is nothing tying them together, to my knowledge. The Excel window shows the actual spreadsheet for a few moments, before going to this screen.
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    Can anyone help with this?
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    Issue is solved.

    Disabled protected view in Excel's settings. Protected view was the reason why this was specifically caused for files from the internet or Outlook. Not sure how to mark this thread as resolved.
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