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I would like to set up a customised 'list' to be used on invoices and reporting. (ie Similar to the Sales Rep standard list)  Any ideas??


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    Hi Gaelene,

    There is no function to create your own 'list type' in the Reckon Accounts Hosted/Desktop software.

    There are only a few headers such as the Sales Rep drop-down list that can be enabled in the invoice templates that allows you to select from a pre-defined list.

    Consider using the Class List as these are available in the invoice templates.

    You can enable the Class tracking as follows:

    * Click on the Edit menu and select Preferences
    * In the Accounting section, click on the Company Preferences tab
    Click on the Use class tracking option
    * Click the OK button to save your changes

    In the Lists menu, you should now see the Class List.
    There you can add entries that you can use in an invoice

    Now when you enter an invoice, you should see the CLASS drop-down list.

    This also would allow you to customise reports and filter by class.


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    Hi Gaelene

    What sort of list are you wanting to create?  There may be some other tracking options - including Custom Fields - that you can use depending on what you need. 

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