Online employee commencement forms

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Does Reckon have the ability to do this

Online employee commencement forms

Some digital service providers will offer online employee commencement forms through their software, including the Tax file number declaration (NAT 3092), Superannuation (super) standard choice (NAT 13080) and Withholding declaration (NAT 3092) forms. This will be released progressively from July 2018.

  • If this is available you will have the option to invite your employees to complete the forms online through your STP-enabled software. The employee information captured within the online form will also be collected by your payroll software.
  • Online employee commencement forms are not compulsory through STP.
  • Even if your software offers these services, you can continue to provide these forms as you do now (for example, as papers forms).


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    Nope. The tfn dec is an obvious necessity.
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